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  • aperitif
  • snorkeling

Private Dolphins Boat Tour

For max 6 people + the captain

Quick Details

Private Tour for max 6 people + captain
a boat that is swimming in the water


  • 2 or 3 stops in amazing bays for snorkeling
  • Dolphin sighting is very usual but not certain
a person sitting on a boat in the water


  • Dolphin watching and snorkeling with fishes
  • Typical aperitif floating on the crystal clear sea
a plate of food on a table

Start from Cugnana Marina

  • Departure at 10:00, meeting at 9:45
  • We sail around the promontory of Capo Figari

The captain Corrado

  • He’s fluent in both English and Franch
  • He’s the most experienced in meteorology
a man holding a fish in front of a body of water

The promontory of Capo Figari

  • Inhabited by resident dolphin families
  • White beaches, islands, cliffs, birds, fish, …