• Coffee Included

Kayak & Snorkeling | Sunrise Tour

Guided kayak tour and snorkeling experience in the Tavolara Marine Park

Quick Details

Per Person
In July and August

Kayaking in the pleasant fresh air of the Sunrise

  • Calm sea, magical light, and silence. Enjoy the sunrise time in close contact with water and wildlife. Paddle between islands, beaches, caves, birds, and sometimes dolphins. Relax on the white sand of a lonely bay, and go snorkeling with colorful fish, octopus, and starfish.
  • At the beginning of the tour we offer everyone a hot coffee to drink floating on crystal clear water. There’re double kayaks available for beginners and single kayaks for those with some experience. We’re professional guides, and we’ll provide you a great day out at sea.
7:00 | Departure from Le Farfalle beach
6:45 | Meeting and check-in at Iside bar