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  • On request

Private Kayak Tour with Snorkeling for Large Group

Stop at the beach on the island of Proratora

Quick Details

Per person
a group of people on a beach


  • Groups of up to 40 people with double or single kayaks of your choice
  • The actual paddling time in a kayak is approximately 1 hour and a quarter
a person swimming in a pool of water


  • The shades of the colors of the water and the sea cave behind the island of Proratora
  • Fresh seasonal fruit to be enjoyed on the beach after snorkeling
a person sitting at a table with a bowl of fruit

Departure from “Spiaggia di Cala Suaraccia”

  • The departure time and the duration of the tour can be customized as you prefer
  • Our kayak base is under the pine trees at the bottom of the beach on the right

Our Guides

  • All the guides are patented and speak fluent English, French and Spanish
  • Each with more developed talents: freedivers, musicians, marine biologists,….
a person swimming in the water

The Tavolara Marine Park

  • 15,000 ha protected since 1997 to preserve the biodiversity of the sea, islands and coasts
  • White beaches, crystal clear water, cormorants, flamingos, fish, dolphins, …
a large body of water with a mountain in the background