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Our natural instinct

a woman standing on a beach


We actively participate in the constant cleaning of the coasts and we promote various environmental education initiatives. The conservation of the territory where we live and work is our top priority.

a close up of a bottle


We have a rigorous approach to waste management: recycling, reuse and composting. We eliminate 100% of all waste produced by us. We only use biodegradable detergents made with natural ingredients.

a group of fish in the water


The fish of the Mediterranean sea are mostly of silver and brown tones: sea bream, sea bream, grouper, octopus, cuttlefish, … Numerous starfish of bright red color and large black curls. Meetings of dolphins now settled in our waters are more and more frequent.

a flock of seagulls standing next to a body of water


The cormorants fly on the water and swim to great depths while the seagulls dominate the skies. Also very numerous are the shearwaters, herons and flamingos. In June the eggs hatch while in September the migrations begin.


The red and gray granite rocks are the undisputed protagonists of the terrestrial environment, covered with centuries-old junipers and Mediterranean scrub set beaches of fine white sand. The scent of the island is spectacular and unforgettable.