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a bird flying over a body of water

Covid free

The equipment is sanitized before each trip: canoes, paddles, masks, life jackets and watertight bags. Social distancing is practiced without any difficulty throughout the duration of the activities.

a group of people on a beach


The weather is the most crucial variable for going out to sea safely. Meteorology is therefore one of our main skills and if the wind and waves are not favorable, the trip is postponed and the guests reimbursed.



There are always 2 guides at sea with a maximum of 10 guests. All the guides have great experience and passion, each with different talents: orientation, meteorology, rescue, psychotherapy,….

a group of people on a beach


The kayaks are prepared together with the guests so that everyone has a clear understanding of every element of the equipment. Before starting, a short lesson allows beginners to easily learn the basics.

a group of people in a small boat in a body of water


Several kayaks are available depending on your abilities. Double kayaks are ideal for beginners while singles require a minimum of balance. For sea kayaks, you need to have some experience.