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Masks included in all tours

a group of fish in the water


They are very numerous in the Tavolara Marine Area, silvery in color with a black band near the tail. They resemble bream but are less good to eat.

a fish swimming under water


Their goofy appearance and lack of a flashy arsenal conceal the true nature of relentless predators, making incredible intelligence their surprising winning weapon.

a flock of birds swimming in the water


In September, thousands of small fry are born which have an intense fluorescent electric blue color then as they grow they become darker almost black.

a bird sitting on a rock near the ocean


Starfish belong to the large group of echinoderms, which also includes sea urchins. Their body is divided into 5 arms very similar to each other and arranged concentrically around the central axis.

a flock of birds swimming in the water


Posidonia meadows are a sort of large marine lung. Through chlorophyll photosynthesis, they produce up to 20 liters of oxygen per day per square meter, and absorb huge amounts of carbon dioxide.