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5 Highlights of the Morning Kayak Tour

a group of people rowing a boat in a body of water

5 Highlights of the Morning Kayak Tour

A Kayak Tour is always a small challenge, sometimes it seems to be in the Caribbean and sometimes it seems to be in Scotland, but the satisfaction of arriving on a lonely beach that can only be reached from the sea is always great. Then the time you relax on the white warm white sand is worth twice as much.

1. Reach a Lonely White Sandy Beach

It’s amazing how far everyone can easily go with the power of their own arms. After half an hour you look back and you can not believe the work you did. In the silence of the sea, the colors of the water change from blue to green and from emerald to blue.

2. A Granite Cave at the Island of  Proratora

It is the perfect place to relax in the shade in the summer. Many wild birds breed and breed puppies on the island. The Cormorants are the best to fish and the seagulls are the best to fly, their daily competition is very funny.

3. Snorkeling with Colorful Fish

The visibility is incredible in Sardinia, both in the air and in the sea. You can see lots of fish directly from the kayak while you pay. There is a huge variety of underwater life if you swim gently and slowly fish do not get scared and come close to you.

4. Learn how to Paddle before to Start

If you’ve never tried kayaking in your life, you’ll be surprised how easy it is. After a short lesson on the beach, everyone will have fun at sea. If you choose a double kayak, it is important to keep the pace of your partner by putting the paddle in the water at the same time.

5. Meet the Dolphins

You can never say when it is the best time to meet the dolphins because you are not the ones to find them but it is they who find you. In recent years there are more dolphins near Olbia because the area is a nature reserve and feel protected.


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