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5 Highlights of the Private Boat Tour

a person sitting on a boat in the water

5 Highlights of the Private Boat Tour

1. Swim in a lonely bay

The captain has 20 years of experience and every day he finds the best seats. We make several stops in lonely bays with crystal clear water. Jumping off the boat is a must!

2. Snorkeling with Colorfull Fish

Fish like to stay offshore, small bays with the greatest number of fish can be reached by boat. We specialize in snorkeling and we carry equipment for everyone on board.

3. Discover the marine parks

A marine protected area with small islands, wild birds and an incredible variety of aquatic colors. The secret is to anchor where the wind blows from the shore so that the colors are at their best!

4. Relax on the lonely white sand beaches

Even in the height of summer, you will find a deserted place to relax on the white sand, because Sardinia has hundreds of small beaches that can only be reached from the sea.

5. Tasting of Sardinian cheeses and wines

Enjoy a tasting of traditional cheeses, wine and “carasau” bread on board in a quiet bay. Vermentino white wine is mineral, dry and fragrant. Trust me, it’s great after a swim.

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